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Legal age of Gambling in New Zealand

This article will get you a deep insight into rules and regulations in New Zealand by which casinos are administrated. Like all other countries, New Zealand prescribes a minimum age for people who wants to go to casinos. It means that anyone less than the prescribed age will not be allowed to enter the premises of a casino. If anyone is found. He will be directed to leave them immediately.

If it appears to the authorities in charge of the casino that you are too young to be there. They can simply ask you to provide you proof of your majority. The document shall be proof of your date of birth and it should be issued by competent state authority as prescribed by the rules. The id proof must have your photograph on it. For instance, your birth certificate may not have your latest photograph or doesn’t have one at all.

Sky City Auckland casino‘s official website displays the information that the visitors may be approached by their official representatives for inspecting your age proof, in case they suspect any visitor to be underage.

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Casinos are regulated by strict laws in New Zealand. If an inspector finds any underage visitor in the gaming area, both the visitor and the casino can be fined. The casino may also lose its gaming license.

Casinos have a different way of dealing with underage visitors. If anyone of them is found by the authorities in gaming areas more than once, they can ban the entry of that person for one or two years.

Most of the countries have capped the age of majority at 18 years of age. But in New Zealand, a player must be 20 years old and older. Even if you are 20 years of age or older, you should carry an id at all times. If you fail to furnish one when asked, it may land you in trouble.

The rules prescribe the following id proof documents to be valid: –

  • A valid personal New Zealand or foreign passport
  • Valid New Zealand or states overseas driving licence
  • HANZ or hospitality association id proof
  • KIWI access card

If you do not have any of those, any id proof that contains your photo and date of birth will do just fine provided it was issued by a governmental institution.

In case you enter on the pretext of being 20 years of age with fake documents, the casino is empowered by the law to detain that person and call the police. A fine will be imposed on that person.

However, the age of alcohol consumption in New Zealand is 18 years. It means that a person under 20 years of age but over 18 can take alcohol in the casino except in the gaming area where the age of entry is 20 years.

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